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Massachusetts Attorneys

                                  ...committed to your success.

Do I really need a lawyer?

Here are a few diagnostic questions.

Do you...

  • Own your own business or want to start one?
  • Want to buy or sell real estate?
  • Use contracts that have not been reviewed by a professional?
  • Take your business and employees to the next level of excellence?
  • Rent or lease property?
  • Desire to start a charity to do some good?
  • Have children but no Last Will and Testament or guardians chosen?
  • Want to minimize the estate taxes your estate will have to pay when you pass on?
  • Have clients or customers that won't do what they should do under your contract with them?
  • Wish to settle a dispute without going to court?
  • Or, conversely, wish to settle a dispute by inviting a judge into the conversation?
  • Enjoy intelligent discussions?
  • Want a trusted advisor for life?

If any of the above apply to you then give us a call and let's start working together on what matters most to you.

Contact Us Online

Welcome to WaltersLacey LLP online!

As a law firm, we want to serve you with distinction as we meet your legal needs.

We can aid you in many areas ranging from real estate to business matters to civil trials to estate planning to dispute resolution.

The better we understand you and your needs, the better able we will be to provide you with the best legal services possible.

Contact us today!


Suite 26, Chestnut Green

Seven Federal Street

Danvers, MA 01923

Telephone: (978) 777-4455

Telefax: (978) 777-9467

Email: [email protected]


35 India Street

Suite 200

Boston, MA 02110

Telephone: (617) 939-3312

Telefax: (617) 523-7379

Email: [email protected]